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Theme Name: Rainbow Theme
Original Author: Stealth Settings http://www.stealthsettings.com (ported to FP by Marcoverga, modified to Rainbow Theme by DeltaLima in 2023)
Author URI: https://git.la10cy.net/DeltaLima/flatpress-theme-rainbow
Description: 2-column theme, with orange/transparent look and widget bar on the left with colorful background (stolen from https://websitesetup.org/bootstrap-tutorial-for-beginners/)
Version: 0.9
FP Version Author: DeltaLima
FP Version URI: https://deltalima.org
Forked by DeltaLima in 2023 to "Rainbow Theme"
$theme['name'] = 'Rainbow Theme';
$theme['author'] = 'DeltaLima';
$theme['www'] = 'https://deltalima.org';
$theme['version'] = '0.9.1';
$theme['style_def'] = 'style.css';
$theme['style_admin'] = 'admin.css';
// Other theme settings
// overrides default tabmenu and panel layout
remove_filter('admin_head', 'admin_head_action');
// register widgetsets