• v0.9.1 0cdad5113f

    DeltaLima released this 2023-06-26 23:05:16 +02:00 | 8 commits to main since this release

    • removed unneeded logo.jpg
    • changed header
    • replaced all snail names with rainbow, modified the footer
    • resized preview.png so it does not destroy the admin backend :p
  • v0.9 67ee5946b1

    DeltaLima released this 2023-06-26 20:36:33 +02:00 | 14 commits to main since this release

    The first "official" release of the rainbow theme. There is still a little bug, where when comments on a page the footer gets included to the comments link. thats why it is v0.9 :) when this is fixed, it will be v1.0 :)