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Updated 12 months ago

Updated 12 months ago

Updated 12 months ago

xash3d-fgws and tyabus installation script for server and full playable client (steamdownload)

Updated 4 months ago

command snippets i found or stumbled together for divers needs

Updated 3 months ago

copy of 1.5.3-maintenance-joxi branch has patches for debian 10 and 11 some small modifications for my setup

Updated 6 months ago

just stuff, much random, very /dev/null

Updated 4 weeks ago

nanodesk is a less resources consuming debian linux distro, which I made for fun and learning. It's using jwm as window manager. My goal is to have a (live) system which is very lightweight and usable too. This is for a VM where you need a basic graphical environment or for an old computer with less resources.

Updated 3 weeks ago