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Origin of this is

This script install an ready to run Half-Life Xash3D Game client or dedicated server under Ubuntu 20.04 and Debian 11 (those i tested so far) by downloading game data from steam directly with the free steamcmd tool from valve. Just run the script and play :)

Usage: ./ [server|client] [install|update] [0.19|0.20]

Description: Script to install an Xash3D-FWGS client or Xash3D dedicated server with game data from steamcmd
Server tested on Debian 11 ; Client tested on Ubuntu 20.04

Resources we are using:

To install the server run following command in the directory where you checked this git into

./ server install [Version]

To install the FULL PLAYABLE client with all game data (steamcmd thx <3) run this

./ client install [Version]

Your server or gamefiles (you can run server first and then rerun afterwards with client to get the full package) are in


from there you can run the server


or the game to have a frag


You can easly update both, client and server (example client):

./ client update [Version]

Have a look on my servers at https://HL.LA10CY.NET :) Happy fragging!

This script is based on the work of and and