we execute scripts more traditionally. i thought giving bash script.sh as example would be easier for newbies, but with pre defined variables this might not work, so we go the safe way

Marcus 6 months ago
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@ -21,12 +21,12 @@ https://github.com/DevilBoy-eXe/hlds/releases/download/8684/hlds_build_8684.zip
To install the server run following command in the directory where you checked this git into
bash install-xash3ds.sh server install [Version]
./install-xash3ds.sh server install [Version]
To install the FULL PLAYABLE client with all game data (steamcmd thx <3) run this
bash install-xash3ds.sh client install [Version]
./install-xash3ds.sh client install [Version]
Your server or gamefiles (you can run server first and then rerun afterwards with client to get the full package) are in
@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ or the game to have a frag
You can easly update both, client and server (example client):
bash install-xash3d.sh client update [Version]
./install-xash3d.sh client update [Version]
Have a look on my servers at https://HL.LA10CY.NET :) Happy fragging!